Finding a “free photo” site is easy…

Just type “free photos” into your favorite search engine and you’ll be bombarded with 1000’s of results.

Most of them will be total garbage.

Others will be nothing but a few crappy “free” photos surrounded by ads for paid stock photo sites.  And the worst of the worst will have images that can land you in legal hot water…and even get you SUED.

Fear not, my friends…high quality “free photo” sites DO exist.  And I’m here to help you find them.
Let’s rock and roll.

# 1 – Unsplash

The site that has taken free stock photos to the next level.  Unsplash is loaded with gorgeous, high-resolution photos – some of which will blow your mind.

There’s plenty of great images here – and they’re ALL free.  As the guys at Unsplash put it, every photo comes with a “do whatever you want” license.

This collection of breath-taking photos can be used for Facebook covers, book covers, viral quotes images, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

Add the right text or quote to just the right photo, and you just might have a work of art that goes viral.

Oh…I almost forgot – they update the site with 10 new photos every 10 days…so make sure you check in every two weeks or so to see what’s new.

#2 – Startup Stock Photos

Less artsy and more practical, at least for those looking for business-themed free stock photos.  Startup Stock has a collection of stock photos from modern office spaces, work environments, and work stations.  Plenty of photos with laptops, tablets, and smartphones – if that’s what you’re looking for.

Nothing nearly as “cheesy” as you’ll find at stock photo sites, these images are a little more “raw”.  But there is still plenty to use here for your projects.

#3 – Magdeleine

Beautiful, artistic photos that are well-organized and easy to search.  Magdeleine also allows you to search their archive by COLOR.  So, if you’re looking for a photo to match a specific color scheme – it’s a breeze to do so.

Not all of the photos are public domain, though.  Some are free to use, but require attribution.  So if you use those photos, make sure you follow the rules.  Don’t worry…Mageleine also makes it easy to sort these as well.

#4 – Cupcake

Very similar to Unsplash with the same license, Cupcake has a wide variety of stunning images that you can do whatever you want to with.

Lots of photos of nature and landscapes…very usable for your book covers and Facebook.

Cupcake is an under-the-radar gem.  Check it out today.

#5 – Raumrot

Raumrot boasts more than 500 free stock photos that you can put to use.  There’s a wide variety here – some very simple photos, along with some amazing high-resolution images that will blow your mind.

The site is organized and easy to navigate.  Raumrot features a collection of “everyday life” types of photos…and lots of “foodie” photos.  Lots of images you can put to use here.


While the vast majority of free stock photo sites are nothing more than thinly-disguised attempts to try and get you to eventually give up and just BUY a stock photo from somewhere, these sites actually provide useful, powerfully stunning images that you can put to use TODAY.

So quit messing around and do it.

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