In the past I would have equated creatvity to many things. But simplicity and minimalism would not have been one of them.

The idea that somehow doing less and curtailing my creative impulses was foreign to me.

If it was there to do, I would do it. Every idea was somehow equal in my estimation as a route to explore.

I would never want to discourage your own exploration, but I have discovered one key truth that has multiplied my effectiveness and my own peace of mind.

Although every idea may be good, they are not all good for me right now.

Without such a truth standing guard over your time and attention you will be open game for every shiny object that sweeps through your inbox or Facebook feed.

How do I know?

I have a degree in distraction!

I am a believer in multiple streams of income, but not at the expense of pursuing and enjoying what I actually want and love to do. Some people never find their groove because they are fearful to eliminate what is no longer bringing joy to their life.

No. It is not easy to do. Self doubt and reasonings without number will try and convince you to submit to the status quo and continue as you always have. But no change leads to no change, and God always has something better in store for you. His lifelong school of learning does not come to an end, and like any skill or specialism it becomes more focussed the deeper you go. Living well is no different.

I found, after 45 years of running in just as many directions as I had years under my belt, that definition of purpose is essential to really seeing the kind of traction you have been looking for.

Simplifying my palette of projects was the most productive thing I ever did.

Don’t fall prey to the idea that just because your days are full you are somehow productive – look and critically assess what you are producing.

And in this process, be aware that money is not the only measure of success.

Is your pursuit and lifestyle producing peace in your home? Are your creative endeavors not only filling your bank but your heart?

Are you looking not only at the profits, but the real cost of your lifestyle?

The real cost is not something you can measure on a balance sheet.

The profits you celebrate should include such things as time with your kids, less stress, more fun, a greater sense of purpose and fulfilment. Many of these higher purpose goals are achieved by a lower bottom line in your bank. Not necessarily, but such sacrifices are sometimes necessary to live up to your values.

In my own journey toward simplicity a startling change began to take place that led not only to less work, but more profit. The thing is, profit was lower on my list of priorities than it had ever been.

Pursuing value-driven simplicity, my own unique brand of minimalism, and intentional investment in things that really matter – marriage, children, friends, purposeful work, more play – contributing rather than consuming – radically shifted the potency of all I did.

Instead of ten or twenty diluted pursuits, just one or two dynamic focussed projects based around my values has resulted in much more vigorous and tangible effectiveness in all that I do. I guess you could say my results were multiplied as I simplified.

This blog – specifically NOT for everyone – is one of the results of this renewed focus.

Are you a Christian communicator or content-creator? A creative with a love for Christ and a desire to use your passion and giftings to serve His Kingdom purposes?

This blog is for you.


Leave your comments below if these thoughts make sense to you. I would love to hear what you have to add to the discussion.

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