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The #1 complaint that indie-produced books suffer is about bad grammar, punctuation or spelling.

Practical Punctuation & Grammar For Indie Authors aims to solve this problem in an easy-to-read reference, teaching clear and concise rules for punctuation usage and great grammar. A simple layout makes it the perfect reference for self-publishers and indie-writers. There is also the opportunity to purchase a Publisher Edition that can be given to ghost writers to address and correct problems (this edition comes with a really useful Ghost Writer Welcome Pack to help you work more efficiently with hired writers. This pack includes a special welcome letter for any new writer you take on board, information on NDAs and copyright assignment, and an MP3 about working well with ghosts.

The product has two options available for your customers:

Personal Edition $17

The Personal Edition is for their own use as a writer. 101 page PDF manual.

Publisher Edition $37

The Publisher Edition allows the manual to be sent to and shared with hired writers. Also includes a Ghost Writer Welcome Pack and How To Hire MP3.

Commission: 50%

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TITLE: The #1 Complaint I See on Amazon Reviews of Indie-Authored Books…


…Bad Grammar & Spelling Errors!

Common errors plague indie authors and publishers – and the grammar trolls are sure to spot them and let the world know in no uncertain terms in the next awful review they leave.

That’s why Indie Author Coach and self-publisher, David Martin, chose to do something about it.

Together with his grammar genius friend, Danica Issell, the princess of punctuation, he created an easy-to-use punctuation and grammar manual for indie authors (and ghost writers, if you work with them).

All of the most common mistakes (and their proper solutions) are covered in this valuable reference book. No fluff, no complicated, pointless pages of never-useful info – just what you need to make your books shine!

Check out this stellar new resource for Indie Authors.


Here’s to your next bestseller,


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TITLE: Epic Fail!


Bad speling really stands out.

And grammar thats bad is really worser.

No wonder many authors trip up and receive reviews that cripple their chances of self-publishing success.

Sadly, the mistakes do not have to be quite so obvious as these to get the grammar police screaming blue murder in their reviews of your books.

David and Danica, indie authors themselves, discovered this the hard way. Everything from an accidental British spelling where there should have been American, through to a grammar quirk that prompted an ungenerous soul to give a dreaded one-star their hard written new release.

If you’ve been in the self-publishing game for a while, you know exactly how discouraging this can be.

That’s why David and Danica teamed up to help other authors avoid the most common grammar, spelling, and punctuation traps – and thereby avoid those awful public criticisms that can so easily kill a book’s chances of success.

The Practical Punctuation And Grammar For Indie Authors guide is a brilliant and super-useful resource and reference for any indie writer. People who have already seen the manual say it is one that they will refer to again and again.

Moreover, it is something you can use to train your ghost writers in best practices, too.

Check out the brand new manual and get ahead of the competition.


Keep writing,


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TITLE: The Most Useful Resource I Have Seen This Week


Some products are good for a moment; others for a lifetime.

This is one of those products for indie authors that will remain useful week after week, year after year.

The best thing is, it can also be used with your hired writers to up their game and produce better work for you.

When you see what it is, I don’t think you will be surprised. It addresses a problem that all writers and self-publishers face – and one for which just a little expert training will make all the difference.

I will leave you to check it out, but I know that it will make you smile, and that you will immediately recognize it as uber useful.


Keep tapping those keys,


Emily Jane Trent Indie Author

I smiled all the way through this excellent report...

I smiled all the way through this excellent report. The way the training is delivered is fun, easy, and a joy - if grammar and punctuation ever could be. Grammar was one of my favorite subjects in school, and I'm not bad with it. Yet I learned a lot in this well-presented report, with handy charts included. And I can use the 'Indie Publisher Edition' as a resource for my ghostwriters. It's a must have for every self-publisher's writing toolbox!