Hopefully your eyes are being opened to the incredible opportunity we all have in self-publishing. This next report I want to offer digs deep into your most important and powerful asset - your reader email list....


What if you could hit #1 bestseller with one press of the send button?

Learn Rapid Author List Building Techniques & the Secrets of Keeping Subscribers Clicking Your New Release & Offer Links

Fellow indie authors and publishers,

If I were to ask you what the most important asset of your publishing business is, what would you say?

Writing the next book? NOPE!

Promoting your new release? NO AGAIN!

Improving your writing craft? NOT EVEN THAT!


It's your email list!

How many authors right now have a barrel load of wonderful books they have sweated blood over to polish and publish, and not a brass nickel to their name?

It is not that their book is not worthy of attention - they just have never focussed on building an avenue to let people know what's on offer.​

Someone asked me why so many great writers never make any money with their art. My answer? Because creating the book is only 20% of the equation - ​the other 80% is getting the book into the hands of your readers!

This is one of the reasons so many promotional services have sprung up, and Facebook, Bookbub and Amazon are making a killing with authors paying through the nose to advertise on their platforms.

Think about it. Many indie authors look back at their first Bookbub promo as THE turning point in their entire business. One email blast transformed their fortunes overnight!

And what is Bookbub? Nothing more than a targeted list of hungry readers.

YOUR author email list is your own personal Bookbub!

It is the difference between BOOM or BROKE - and even more so as Amazon and other sites make unforeseen changes in the way they sell and promote your books.

True, we are thankful for the selling engine of Amazon's algorithm. We love the targeting we can enjoy with paid Facebook ads. But no one wants to be a slave to those things, living in fear of another algorithm tweak, or another price hike in ad costs.

Your author email list is your ticket out of dependence on others to sell your books, putting you back in the driving seat, and firmly placing control in your hands where it belongs.

The Problem Fiction Authors Have is knowing what to send to their subscribers beyond a standard New Release email.

The Author Email List Building Recipe Book Tackles this problem head on!

Adding This 220 page Report to Your Bundle Will Give You These Benefits...

List Building Techniques That Actually Work!

The avenues for hordes of hungry readers to join your list are right at your fingertips. Put them in place and watch your subscriber count soar.

Engage With Your Audience & Keep Them Clicking

A feast of fabulous ways to keep your subscribers happy and hungry to hear from you. Never be at a loss for what to send and when.

Copy & Paste Campaigns That Work Like Gangbusters

Copy, Paste, Personalize and Send - 30 specific email campaigns you can use straight out of the box.

Automate Your Income With Templates 

Ever wonder how to optimize your email system and enjoy hands-off multiplication of subs and results? Now you can!

Cooked up by expert indie publisher, David Lee Martin, this report lays out all the ingredients to build, maintain and engage with your list of subscribers.


  • 5 ultra effective ways to bring hungry readers on to your list, PLUS two ninja techniques from a seasoned list building master.
  • Climbing over the tech and putting the machinery in place for massive increase - not just principles but down in the dirt hands on practical how-to's.
  • The two simple pages needed to seamlessly gather leads (plus how to build them the easy way).
  • 2 Advertising methods that place readers on your list in a click (no forms, no fuss!).
  • Jargon free Facebook lead ads walkthrough.
  • Building your author brand through a simple email strategy (and it has nothing to do with the words you write).

Main Meal

  • 28 Different Kinds of Email you can send to engage and multiply your subscribers.
  • Relationship building emails.
  • Curiosity stirring communications.
  • Putting the law of reciprocity on overdrive.
  • Getting your subscribers to build your list for you.
  • Free and easy market research - more targeted than any app or software.
  • Crafting multiple touch points to impress your next release in the hearts of readers before you even hit publish.
  • Making social proof the calling card for more and more sales.
  • Giving readers a sense of ownership and partnership so they feel compelled to help you succeed.
  • Automation! Putting your list building and audience engagement on autopilot.


  • Automation! Putting your list building and audience engagement on autopilot. This really is the SWEET spot when it comes to streamlining and you'll be amazed at how much you can do without actually doing!

Add Author Email List Building Recipe Book to your bundle!

Your recipe for success to reach more readers with 30+ ways to explode your email list & engage with your subscribers. 220 no-fluff pages!

Proven templates to increase subscriber satisfaction, and sell more books!

Author Email List Building

What other indie authors are saying:

This is top-notch material put together in easy to follow steps - I wish this book were available sooner!

Coming from a successful indie publisher who I know and trust, this information is for old as well as new authors or publishers.

It’s difficult to have a long-term successful book publishing business without an email list. It has taken me months of time and lots of money to learn email list building skills, and here it is laid out in one simple super value training.

I wish this book were available sooner. But it is here now for your benefit. There are also some amazing things about Facebook I did not know which will be a huge benefit to you.

JIMMIE COX  //  Indie Publisher

David Lee Martin - this name alone should make you click 'buy'. His products are the definition of success and integrity.

Ever wanted to get an email list going but didn’t know how? This training breaks it all down, from which provider to choose (and why) to setting up a domain name and a site to put it on.

If you don’t have an email provider yet? Wow, pay attention. This tip alone makes me want to switch providers. Watch for it.

Don’t know what to say in your emails to your readers? David leaves nothing out. You get so many great ideas for emails, that again, I was surprised at what I didn’t know. I’ll be using some of these ideas immediately. (The Easter-egg tip anyone?? Wow…)

Don’t wait and wonder, just pick it up. You’ll thank me for it.

NATHAN STOCKWELL  //  Indie Author, Publisher & Actor

Futureproof your author business by building your most important asset - Your Author Email List

"The simplest form of insurance you can have as an author, and the most worthwhile, is your email list. This is where you will see your biggest gains. Focus on this area of your business and transformation will take place." Geoff Shaw
Author Email List Building

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