Finally, I would love to open up the opportunity for you to connect more personally with me and bring all of those questions you are burning to ask...

Group Coaching

This is the first time I have ever offered this to anyone...

Want some hands on coaching from David?

I have never opened my door for group coaching before. As an author I love to sit behind the covers of my books and guard my time like a rottweiler. 

Some fellow authors and publishing coaches convinced me that I should give the right people (that may be you?) the opportunity to connect more directly, dig deeper and more specifically into the 4 quadrants of successful self-publishing, and ask their burning questions.

In my training materials I share openly, but I know how incredibly helpful getting more hands on instruction myself has been (I have two coaching programs that I am a participant in right now), and I'm sure that you might want a similar opportunity for more personal help in your publishing business.

So here it is. For the first time I'm throwing the doors open to a small group of fellow writers and publishers looking to take their business to the next level.

This will be a live coaching online group, where you will have opportunity to interact as we dig deep into the four quadrants of successful self-publishing together.

Group Coaching Will Include 4 Live Sessions

Each of the four sessions will take place online once a week and include 60 minutes of teaching where I pull back the curtain on my writing and business, followed by a generous amount of time for questions, answers and discussion. 

Final dates and times for the sessions will be decided when we know who has signed up and figure what the best time for everyone will be. 

All sessions will be recorded and you will have access to them in a membership area on Teachery that I will set up specifically for participants in this special group.


How do I actually write (or get written for me) the books that I create. What software do I use and why. The templates I have created that make my life (and the life of my assistant) as easy as possible without sacrificing quality. Book cover secrets and more...


The actual publishing process discussed including category research and discovery, keywords, ranking techniques, Discussions around Kindle Unlimited, permafree publishing and more...


Email listbuilding on steroids, Facebook, Amazon and Bookbub ads (I may bring some friends in for this one too), techniques I use to win and reach more readers, creative avenues to ensure your books don't get lost and find their market.


Making sure every asset (that's a book to you and me) is optimized for profit. Series, serial, boxsets and collections. Collaborations and partnerships. Repurposing and productizing for multiplied profit potential.


I'm certain that these sessions will be a great time together. There's nothing like the synergy that's released when a group of like-minded creatives come together and open their hearts to fresh possibilities.

I not only expect to teach what I know, but learn a lot as we joureny togther through these 4 weeks of inspiration and practical instruction.

David Lee Martin

4 weeks of live coaching with David

You will have access to all four lengthy live sessions and have opportunity to interact directly with David and pick his brains with your burning questions! This is a rare opportunity and one that will not always be made available.

This particular opportunity does not come with a money-back guarantee

Because coaching of this kind directly impacts my time, and is much more direct and hands on, I cannot offer any money-back guarantee. DON'T BUY THIS ON IMPULSE - ONLY GRAB IT IF IT'S RIGHT FOR YOU AND YOU KNOW IT. 

What I can guarantee is that you get 100% open, unguarded sessions with me and that I will generously offer authentic training and candid answers to whatever questions you may have. 

God bless, and thanks for your time and consideration,

David Lee Martin

© 2019, David Lee Martin

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