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Plotting can be a royal pain in the posterior. Sometimes it is easier to stay in panster-mode and not tackle the seeming complexities of detailed plotting - and your story potential suffers as a result.

I understand. In fact, I have been there, desperately searching for a simple framework to help me turn that awesome idea into a clear plot pathway. I wanted something that would work like clockwork and help me very single time to craft the best plot I could without getting tangled.

It was then that I turned to a fellow writer whose work has impressed me time-and-again. We had been working together on several projects, and Peter McQueeny's creativity and clear ability to make a sizzling plot leap and spit fire from the page blew me away. Moreover, his genuine love for the wonder of writing, and passionate pursuit of developing the craft, spoke volumes - here is a man with the beating heart of a writer!

The Indie Author In-Depth Plotting Guide boils down the lessons he shared into a just-what-you-need-just-when-you-need-it manual that you will refer to again and again.

I have no doubt that you will find it as entertaining and as helpful as I do!

Keep punching those keys!

David Lee Martin

Here is what one successful author has to say about the Indie Author In-Depth Plot manual... 

Eibhlin Morey MacIntosh Successful Indie Author & Creative Publisher

I'd admired Peter's plots in the past. And I've raved about David Lee Martin's Scrivener training, because that's what finally got me to learn Scrivener and use it for all of my books.

Anyway, this guide is 64 pages of plotting insights phrased in ways that appeal to me on both logical and creative levels. In a few cases, McQueeny has explained writing points -- referred to by many respected authors -- in ways that I finally understand.

Whew! I'm printing this guide and putting it into a notebook.

He's highlighted several issues that stalled some of my stories, and I didn't realize that was why they were sitting on my hard drive... instead of becoming completed books, earning royalties at Amazon, etc. (What I'd thought was wrong, but couldn't seem to untangle...? Not the problem. Something before that was broken. And now I see how to fix it.)

For me, this is a brilliant (and fun-to-read) crowbar to pry me loose of some broken "darlings" and get those books back on track.

In Depth Plotting Manual

Peter T McQueeny, expert story architect, dives deep into his plotting secrets in an easy-to-follow and easy-to-understand 75 page training manual. Building on the ideas undergirding this wildly popular pre-made plot packages, you will get a behind the scenes lesson in structured plotting, character building, showing not telling and more. 

If you are a writer, and want to hone your craft, this is a superb addition to your ​fiction writing arsenal.

In Depth Plotting Guide Revised & Expanded

Here's some of what you will find in the in-depth plotting manual...

• Plotter's Manifesto (WHY plot?)

Pantry Method of Plotting
• Narrative Space Scenes vs. Narration
- Omniscient
- Third person
- First Person
• Setting
• Setting Back Story
• Familiarity
• Characters Character Arc:
- Positive
- Flat
- Negative
• Character Back Story
• Character Roles
• Props & MacGuffins
• Subplots
• Scene Goals
• Action Phase and Reaction Phase
• Four Act Structure
• Four Approaches to Beginnings
- Prologue
- Action Scene
- In Media Res
- Framing Device
- Opening Disturbance
- Status Quo

Act 1:
Save a Cat Scene:
Argument Against Transformation:
Inciting Event:
Refused Call:
Point of No Return #1:

Act 2:
Kick in the Shins:
Assessing the Opposition:
Argument For Transformation:
Mirror Moment:

Act 3:
Pet the Dog Scene:
Assessing the Opposition:
Rhyming Scene:
False Victory:
The Thing The Hero Needs:
Point of No Return #2:

Act 4:
Low Point:
Enemy Mounting Forces:
Hero Gets a Boost:
The Penultimate Showdown:
The Final Showdown:
Proof of Transformation:

Krizia MissKAuthor and Kindle Publisher

David, your “In-Depth Plotting Manual” is one of the MOST detailed training on plotting I’ve come across so far. I consider myself a pretty good plotter, but I've learned so much by going through your course.

I'm impressed by how you've broken down this essential skill for authors in such an easy to understand and easy to implement way.

I won't lie, I found this training so useful, it’s now sitting permanently on my desktop and it’s only one click away to use whenever I'm stuck in my story.

BONUS - Complete Pre-Made Plot

We have included a complete plot for a full-length novel from our Paranormal Thriller Pre-Made Plot package as part of the guide, so you can see exactly how the principles we have outlined in the guide are applied in a  real world scenario.

In Depth Plotting Guide Revised & Expanded

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David Lee Martin
Online Publisher & Entrepreneur

Peter McQueeny
Fiction Writer &
Pack-A-Punch Plot Master Craftsman

In Depth Plotting Guide Revised & Expanded

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