Self-Published Fiction Author Went From 0 to $66236.12 In Just 10 Months Publishing On The Kindle Platform.

David Lee Martin, Private in the Self-Publishing Army

Listen. I know you are probably thinking that I am some really smart marketer, who instinctively knew the right answers out of the gate.

That is the furthest thing from the truth.

I actually struggled for over 3 years before I even saw my first half-decent royalty check from Amazon Kindle. It was pitiful, but at least it was something. A glimmer of hope in a long journey.

I kept reading about people killing it with Kindle. Quite frankly, all of those success stories did nothing more than amplify my feeling that somehow I was missing the boat.

I kept thinking, what's wrong with me?

I bought product after product, and even shelled out $1997 for 'expert' coaching. At the time that was a huge amount, and caused arguments with my wife when she found out I was throwing even more money at this "kindle thing".

One month I would make a few hundred, and the next almost nothing. Even so, I refused to accept that this opportunity did not have my name written all over it.

I'm stubborn like that!

I kept plugging away trying to figure out how to make the self-publishing industry work for me, confident that God would give me the inspiration I needed to find success.

I have actually been in the self-publishing game since before Kindle was a twinkle in Amazon’s eye. My first indie books were photocopied and folded, then stapled down the middle, and sold for $3 at public speaking events. Of necessity they were short reads (less than 50 print pages) because the books wouldn’t fold and stay closed if they were any thicker! I still love short reads.

My non-fiction and children’s book publishing on Kindle and Print-On-Demand were doing ok, but far from the promise of financial freedom I longed for and dreamed about. I was still spinning plates to make ends meet.

Then, 10 months ago, and this was a real turning point for me profit wise, I stepped nervously into short-read fiction publishing. Several months before, I did make a previous stumbling attempt into fiction, with sorry results, but at the time I did not have the knowledge that I do now.

I think what I have learned may help you step forward more confidently, or encourage you on the journey you are already taking.

Now listen. I don't want you to get the wrong idea here.

I am not throwing around numbers to get you super-excited about your potential and what you can do as a self-published author.

I’m not a big fan of people posting their earnings everywhere to leverage people into the false idea that making money is an easy result of following a few simple steps.

In fact, I didn't even plan on creating this report.

I mentioned to a group of people I know how well I was doing, and they wanted to know more. They were really excited to learn what I could teach them.

If it wasn't for that conversation, this report would not even exist.

Honestly, I have found that there are lots of factors that lead to success so don't be duped by fancy figures. This is hard work, and getting here has taken a lot of time and tears.

Just so you know I am not one of these guys who teaches but doesn’t do, here is my Book Report from May 29 2015 – Apr 9 2016, taken earlier this morning.

In the words of the awesome P J Coleman, “not too shabby”.

It may be more or less – the figure is based on an average KDP Select KENP pageread amount of 0.0045 per page.

In that time I have had over 54900 books sold, and 8477846+ page reads. (you can actually see here that in the few seconds between the previous screenshot and this one my income went up a few dollars). Don't you just love that!

The majority of these are from the short read fiction books I have published to several categories and genres over the past 10 months.

Bearing in mind that I outsource my actual writing, the $66236 that has been paid to me through Amazon’s incredible Kindle Select program is not all profit. It would be nice if it were.

Having said that, the ROI is some of the best you will find on God’s green planet.

Just one example, and this is not my most lucrative series, is one of my first short read trilogies.

One Short Read Trilogy...

This particular example comprised three books, each one just under 10K words.

I published the first individual book of this series in August 2015, followed swiftly by the other two books. I let the three books run their course, squeezing every last page read I could from them.

I then boxed them up in early Feb 2016.

Each of the three books cost me $100 for the Ghostwriter to write for me. I provided the story outline for each based on research into the tropes of the genre. They are not the best stories ever, but they were ok.

= $300 writing costs

When each book launched I ran FB ads to a targeted interest audience to garner some traffic to the new release (bearing in mind this was a virtually new and unknown pen name). Overall I spent approximately $400 on FB Ads across the series = $400 ad costs.


As of today that series has made $5976.55.

ROI $5976-$700 = $5276.55

From one 3 book short read series!

My best selling series has made far more than that, and I have not even released the boxset yet. That one is a seven book series of short reads, each is 10-15K words, and so far it has pulled $12264.

Conservatively, the boxset will add a further $5-6K to that number.

And I am not a big player. I am not nearly as successful as some I see in the Facebook groups I am part of (by a very long stretch).

Just a regular guy who focused in one direction for a long time.

In this report I want to share some lessons I have learned.

Although I use ghostwriters myself (and teach in the report how I do this), all of the principles can be applied just as well if you write your own books. In fact, some of the people who were most excited about what I show in the report were passionate self-publishers who write all of their own books.

Proud to be in the trenches with you,​

In this 118 page report (there are lots of screenshots and pictures so again, don't be impressed by fat numbers) I share the following things...

  • Meeting Your Market So You Actually Sell Some Books
  • Why Reinventing The Wheel Is Not A Good Idea
  • Why Being 'Original' and 'Different' Is Not Always The Wisest Avenue.
  • The Power of Short Reads And How To Optimize Your Books For Maximum Exposure
  • Why QUALITY And QUANTITY Is A Key To Your Success
  • Why The Long-Game Tortoise Will Thrash The Hare At The End Of The Day
  • Thoughts On The Importance of READERS, And Why They Should Be Your Focus, Not The $ They Put In Your Pocket.
  • Thoughts On The Tremendous Value Of WRITERS, And Why You Should Love And Respect Them.
  • The Balance Of TIME & MONEY In Your Publishing Business, And Some Ways To Wisely Invest Both.
  • Some Keys That Have Helped Me Attract Top-Quality Ghost Writers For A Great Price Who Are Loyal And Committed To Me And My Business.
  • Some Very Basic Genre Publishing Insights - With Recommendations To Some Genre Choice Resources By People Far Better Qualified Than I To Take You Where You Need To Go.
  • Why Reading Is Your Very Best Friend As A Genre Writer.
  • Lessons I Have Learned Concerning Titles, Covers, Descriptions et Al - And How To Avoid The Mistakes I Have Made Along The Way.
  • Book Cover Lessons, And How To Shamelessly Copy Like A True Artist!
  • My Embarrassingly Simple Facebook Ad Strategy And How I Use Facebook To Drive Books Into Top Category Positions. (Seriously, when I say embarrassingly simple I really mean it)
  • The Different Kinds Of Ad I Run (with examples), From Simple Images To Carousels & Lead Ads.
  • Why Building An Email List Is Essential To Your Publishing Business, And How I Am Doing This Right Now.
  • A Simple Seasonal Lead Generating And Subscriber Pulling Strategy That Works For Me Every Time.


  • A super-secret-loophole-never-before-seen-I-didn’t-really-want-to-release-it-to-the-public-limited-time-price-will-be-rising-you-will-fail-if-you-don’t-have-this-only-used-by-the-gurus-item-of-incredible-awesomeness - because it doesn’t exist, but all the other stuff I mentioned above does.

That's me and my wife... It's an old photo so I look greyer and more frazzled in reality. My wife still looks incredible though!

If you have any questions about this product shoot me an email to and I will be happy to answer.

What People Are Saying

P J Coleman,

David reveals all the things that successful self-publishers never do. Once people get to this level, they usually clam up. Very generous of David. This is truly a gift.”

David's Grandma

“This is without question the best product in the entire history of the world, and if you don't buy it you are a very naughty person.”

Teresa Miller,

“David Martin is living and breathing life every day as an indie author, has published over 70 books in the past 6 months, and is earning the income that many new authors dream of when first starting out. If you could sit down with him and ask him all of your questions about what he does every day and how he does it…"In the Trenches" would be the result.

It is humble, comprehensive, and well-organized and in my opinion: brilliant. If you don't already have your own smooth-running system, I highly recommend you check this out!”

Tony Norton, Publishing Extraordinaire

“David is one of the few people who sell publishing "How To's" that actually DOES the things he tells you to do. That's why you won't see him selling many training products, he's just too busy.

The good thing is that when he does find the time to put together some training, you can rest assured that you're getting real, actionable, advice that works. Not some pie-in-the-sky theory.

My advice? Get this now, while you can, and DO THE THINGS he says. You can thank me later! :)”

Tink Boord Dill,

“Mean Crit Partner and I spent most of our weekly call rejigging my strategies to revive a dead fiction asset -- a series. And today, I just got off a Sat AM Skype call with her, discussing her business and changes she wants to make. If we don't have at least one more long call this weekend, I'll be surprised.

The cause for this intense re-evaluation? A report I was asked to preview...David Lee Martin's - LESSONS FROM THE SELF PUBLISHING TRENCHES.

I would say that this has had the most impact on my publishing business in the last two years...What it offered me was -- New insights on how he does things, actionable info on how to find and work with Ghost Writers, and the dead simple overview and step by step I needed to jump in the FB Ads pool...”

Katherine Saunders,Self-Publishing in four pen names/genres 

“In all sincerity, I am blown away with the information and value David provides in this course/product without bogging it down in tech-speak. I know David from multiple Kindle publishing groups that we are members of; his results and leadership as a publisher are exemplary.

I’ve rarely found anyone spelling things out as clearly and concisely with a whole lot of ‘real life publishing’ experience thrown in, like David has done inside this product. It’s refreshing.

Do this one thing: read every word the moment you purchase and download it, and then breakdown how you’re going to implement it. If you do, it can change your life and future. By how much? That is up to you. :)”

Eileen Eilis Morey, Successful Indie Author and prolific publisher

“If you're a new-ish author (or one who's trad published and utterly fed up with 25-cents-per-book royalties), this is the ONLY time I've seen a genuinely successful indie author share ALL the details of what works and what doesn't. It's explained, step-by-step, with total transparency.

Also, David speaks from a very ethical point-of-view. No sleaze, no loopholes, and nothing left out. He stresses integrity and quality in every step of the process. I respect that, and I know it's nearly impossible to find any single report so forthright and reliable.”

Demy Watts,
Fellow Indie Author and Kindle Publisher 

“I had the pleasure of going through this report and let me say, I am hugely impressed. David has put this together in a very conversational and easy manner, yet the nuggets of gold throughout will set you up miles ahead if you follow the steps. It's literally like an A-Z of publishing. This is a fantastic resource for anyone self-publishing - you'll find great tips to implement. Take action and follow the easy step-by-step approach that David lays out for you!”

Bill Platt, 

"I am always telling people I know who will listen that David Martin is the most honest person I know. :)

And that is part of the reason this training is so awesome.

David usually keeps his head down, churning away, creating new books and book series he sells inside Amazon Kindle. I have known for some time that David has been doing really well with his book publishing business, but getting him to open up and talk about his business has always been a challenge.

When I heard he was seriously thinking about creating this guide, I wanted to do everything I could do to encourage him. I am thrilled he followed through with his plans, and I was so excited to see the finished product that I set aside my to-do list to sit down and read this 118-page PDF.

This. Is. Pure. Awesome.

If you have ever wanted to pull back the curtain to see what the world looks like to a successful self-published author, then this guide will surely give you some real insight in a truly honest way. But more than that, David shows you what you need to KNOW and DO to be successful in your own self-publishing business.

Whether you are writing fiction or nonfiction, writing the books yourself or hiring ghost writers to write your books, you are going to LEARN what you need to do going forward to ensure that you stand a a better chance than most to succeed as an independent self-published book author."

Lynn Johnston,

"David Martin is one of the few people I turn to for advice when it comes to self-publishing my own books. His advice is golden -- whenever he suggest I do something, I do it.

Lessons from the Self-Publishing Trenches is detailed look at the nuts-and-bolts of a successful self-publishing businesses. In spite of the fact that he's been giving me tips for a year now, I learned a tremendous amount from this course."

Geoff Shaw,
Kindling #1 Bestselling Kindle Course

"This is great. A simple plan that has already been proven to work, that anyone can follow, to go from zero to a very healthy income in a very short time.

​I would recommend investing in your future by getting this and seeing how David did it, and then replicating it for yourself.

​I would even suggest getting it if you're already making a decent income because this will help you take it to the next level."

Fully Loaded & Ready To Roll - Buy Your Copy Today

What You Get...​

The Whole Report, all 118 pages of PDF gold, and nothing but the report.

No Quick Action Bonuses. No Launch Specials.

No Extras, Additions, or First Mover Advantages.

YEP, Just The Report (but it's jolly good, old chap).

Only $37

Be Brave! Be Bold! Your Future Needs YOU!

Lessons From The Self Publishing Trenches


Trust me, I don't want your money if you think that the report is hogswash. If, after you have purchased, you honestly don't find any value in it, you are welcome to contact me for a full refund. No issues, no hassle.

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