You now have Lessons From The Self-Publishing Trenches II in the bag. I have two more opportunities for you before we close shop. Each will help you dive deeper into aspects of your self-publishing business. If you want to add them to your cart you can do so, if not please feel free to skip through each page. 


This Second Opportunity is a 143-page report teaching in-depth how to find and hire ghostwriters, designers and other outsourcers to set you free from tasks that keep you from radically expanding your potential...

Revealed... the MOST IMPORTANT SKILL you can learn as a self-publisher and online marketer

Hiring other talented and creative individuals to help lift your load and multiply your effectiveness is essential!

Of all the skills I have learned in my self-publishing journey, finding out how to source and hire talented writers, cover-creators, editors and virtual assistants has been the most impactful!

At one time I was chief cook and bottle washer in my business. Every single part of the process had my name next to it on a seemingly never-ending to-do list. 

In all honesty, I knew I needed help but was frightened to step out and take the risk. After all, how and where would I find people willing to work for me without it costing me the earth? And even if I did know where to look, what would I do to make sure I discovered the right people who could deliver quality work in a timely manner, and affordably (especially when I was just starting out).

It took guts to step and get started with outsourcing, but above all else this one skill has been the number 1 reason I have been able to multiply my success and serve my readers in the way I do.

I still have to pinch myself today at the amazing writers and designers I privileged to work with! 

As for Cristina, my virtual assistant, I now cannot imagine working without her. She helps me make money as I sleep, taking on a multitude of tasks I simply don't have time to do myself. 

Instead of being tied up with hundreds of tasks that keep me from the most important things in life and business, I now enjoy unprecedented time, freedom and an income that rewards my efforts.

Some of the tasks I now outsource...


Everything from kids books to cookbooks, fan fiction to fabulous full-blown romantic sagas. The only limit is your imagination.


Perfected prose is made possible with a host of editors waiting to put the final touches to your work.

Cover Design

Expert designs for digital and print editions for less dollars than it costs to buy a large pizza. 

Administrative Tasks

Web design, email updates, spreadsheet upkeep and social engagement, weekly newsletter prep and creative designs for ads... just a few of the tasks I hand to my assistant.

If you are ready to DO LESS and MAKE MORE...



GHOSTWRITERS & Virtual Assistants

(A Self-Publisher's Guide to Successful Outsourcing)

to your self-publishing training bundle 

This 143-page guide expands on what I teach in the "In The Trenches II" training and dives into the nuts and bolts of working with other creative and talented assistants to accomplish your goals. If you want real freedom and scaleability outsourcing is your master key. This report details everything I do and is certainly a massive factor in my success over these past three years.

Ghost Writers Guide

What our customers and fellow coaches are saying:

A simple plan that has already been proven to work...

"This is great. A simple plan that has already been proven to work, that anyone can follow, to go from zero to a very healthy income in a very short time. I would recommend investing in your future by getting this and seeing how David did it, and then replicating it for yourself. I would even suggest getting it if you're already making a decent income because this will help you take it to the next level."

GEOFF SHAW  //  Pioneer Self-Publishing Coach

Read every word the moment you purchase and then break down how you are going to implement it. If you do, it can change your future...

"In all sincerity, I am blown away with the information and value David provides in this course/product without bogging it down in tech-speak. I know David from multiple Kindle publishing groups that we are members of; his results and leadership as a publisher are exemplary. I’ve rarely found anyone spelling things out as clearly and concisely with a whole lot of ‘real life publishing’ experience thrown in, like David has done inside this product. It’s refreshing. Do this one thing: read every word the moment you purchase and download it, and then breakdown how you’re going to implement it. If you do, it can change your life and future. By how much? That is up to you. :)”

KATHERINE SAUNDERS  //  Successful Self-publisher and marketer in multiple genres

Shoot down your reasons why not...

The only thing stopping your creative potential may well be a lack or time and skill in certain areas. Neither of these are reason enough to prevent you moving forward. From abundant experience I can assure you that there are people waiting in the wings right now, ready to respond to your call for help.

Hiring Writers, Editors, Designers and Assistants is easy when you know how...

In Win Big With Ghost Writers & Virtual Assistants I share every detail of my hiring process...

  1. 1
    Where to find top talent who are ready and waiting to turn your ideas, stories and publishing dreams into a reality. 
  2. 2
    How to pitch in way that attracts the best of the best and build long term mutually satisfying and lucrative partnerships that deliver month after month. 
  3. 3
    What and how to pay your virtual assistants so you don't break the bank, even when someone is on the other side of the planet, plus how I deal the legalities such as copyright assignment and non-disclosures.

Would like to experience a radical new level of freedom and creativity?

Take a leap of faith and discover a whole new world of possibility.

This 143 page manual will hold your hand through the process of getting your first writer or assistant on board, and remove the roadblocks that have prevented you thus far.  I encourage you to open the door to a whole new way of working.

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Ghost Writers Guide

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