The #1 Complaint I See on Amazon Reviews of Indie-Authored Books... Bad Grammar & Spelling Errors!

Some books may deserve such criticism, but what if your otherwise excellent book causes a critical reader to stumble because of a few simple-to-remedy mistakes, and before you know it your ratings fall like a stone?

All of your hard work slated in a 1* review because the self-appointed grammar police choose to pick up on the minor blemishes rather than the stunning story!

Grammar Police

Don't let your book become
the next victim...​


This is for you if...

  • You have questions about the most common grammatical and spelling mistakes indie authors make, and how to avoid them.
  • You want to improve the quality and flow of your writing using the best writing techniques, and punctuation and grammar standards.
  • You would benefit from a simple-to-read reference designed specifically to trim irrelevant information and give you just what you need, when you need it.
  • You want to prevent your books plummeting in the Amazon charts because of mistakes that could easily be rectified.
  • You work with ghost writers and want to save your time correcting their mistakes by giving them a simple, easy-to-read training manual providing clear guidelines that they can follow regarding the grammar and punctuation they use in their work for you.

Fellow indie authors,

​My name is David Lee Martin. Long before Kindle was even a twinkle in Amazon's eye I was writing and self-publishing. Thank God those photocopying and stapling days are long gone! The revolution that has taken place over the past decade has forever changed the landscape for indie authors.

The doors have been flung open for ordinary, passionate writers like you and I to get our work out to a worldwide audience.

It has also led to a flood of sub-par writing clogging the virtual shelves.

We all know  that quality will always rise to the top. Consistent, well-written-and-edited writing shines out. That is what this easy-to-use reference manual is all about - your next book being the best it can be.

Now, I would be the first to admit that although I make a very good living from my writing, I am no grammar, punctation or spelling guru. Far from it! I have lost count of the number of times I have enlisted Google's help to figure out where my commas and colons should properly reside. Too many hours wasted figuring out simple grammatical conventions that in all honesty I should already know (shhh, don't tell!)

When I started working with ghost writers, the problem was compounded. I received manuscript after manuscript that fell into common grammatical traps, and then I had to spend pages explaining how simple sentence or dialogue structures should appear. 

My frustrations led me to want a simple guide I could use myself, and legitimately send to my hired writers. Instead of 15 minutes spent explaining things in another email, I wanted to be able to attach a PDF and simply say, "Read page 60 and do what it says." 

I knew right away that I was not the person to write such a manual. I then thought of my good friend and fellow author and editor, Danica Issell.  She boasts a BA (Hons) in English & Creative Writing and Media & Cultural Studies and worked as a legal PA for 14 years, a job that required intense attention to detail.

I reached out with my problem, knowing full well that if I struggled with this area of writing and publishing, I was not the only one.

I am so pleased to say that she agreed to help me out and boil her exceptional experience down into an accessible and easy-to-read manual for ordinary Indie Authors who value their time, yet want to get things right.

She is one of the few people I know who can actually make learning about punctuation and grammar fun!

Whether for your own writing, or as a resource to help you work with other writers, the Practical Punctuation and Grammar for Indie Authors manual is must-have.

My prayer is that it will be as useful to you as it will be for me (yes, I use it myself - that's why I wanted to see it made available for others to use and enjoy).

David Lee Martin,
A fellow writer and publisher

What's Included?

Here are some of the helpful sections you will find in the manual:

Commonly Confused Words

22 commonly confused words that trip up even the most experienced writers, and how they should be used within their proper context.

Commonly Misused Phrases & Idioms

How to avoid the most popular mess-ups and use the right phrase at the right time.

Perfect Punctuation

Full stops, commas, colons, lists, dashes, brackets and ellipses, titles, endearments, apostrophes - all have rules that guard their use. We show you how to use them correctly to refine your writing.

Dialogue & Quotes

One of the most common areas of confusion, proper punctation in dialogue is a key to flow and intensity in your writing. Such a valuable section, and one you will refer to again and again.

The Other Bits...

Dangling modifiers and subjunctive sentences; proper use of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs; subjects and objects - all the good stuff you forgot the day you walked out of the school gates.

US and UK Spellings of Common Words

A comprehensive list of the most common differences between UK and US spellings. Readers expect certain spellings and depending on your market you need to get these right.

Tips For Better Writing

The overall purpose of this manual is to make your writing the best it can be. Throughout the manual you will also find many 'Tips For Better Writing' sections that take what's taught and show real-life examples of how to put them to use.

Practical Punctuation and Grammar For Indie Authors comes in two editions.

The PERSONAL USE EDITION comes with all of the training and is for your own personal use. It cannot be given to others, and cannot be shared with other writers you may hire.

The INDIE PUBLISHER EDITION is adapted specifically for use with ghost writers and comes with rights to send it to your hired writers as a training resource. It includes a specific instructional introduction written specifically for hired writers. The Publisher Edition also includes a useful pack of goodies for use with your ghost writers:

  • The Ghost Writer Welcome Pack - a special pack that you can adapt and send to your writers when you invite them to create written works for your publishing business. Clear guidelines given at the outset of a relationship with your ghost writers will make working with them smoother and more manageable. The Ghost Writer Welcome Pack is in MS Word docx format so you can edit and adapt for your own specific use.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements and Copyright Assignments. Instructions on how to get legal documents digitally signed by your new writers to prevent any confusion over who has rights to the work they undertake for you.
  • How To Hire PDF and MP3 Audio - Some best practices, realistic budgets, and specific examples of where and how to hire writers for your writing jobs.



Only $9.99


Welcome Pack


  • ​Practical Punctuation & Grammar For Indie Authors Publisher Edition (Special Edition includes extra features and can be shared with your hired writers)
  • Ghost Writer Welcome Pack
  • Non-Disclosure & Copyright Assignment
  • "How To Hire" PDF & MP3 Audio 

Only $17

Meet the Team

David Lee Martin, Writer & Self-Publisher

Danica Issell, Creative Writer, Editor & Grammar Queen

Ready to put a period to your punctation problems?





Welcome Pack


  • ​Practical Punctuation & Grammar For Indie Authors Publisher Edition (can be shared with your hired writers)
  • Ghost Writer Welcome Pack
  • Non-Disclosure & Copyright Assignment
  • "How To Hire" PDF & MP3 Audio 



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