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Thanks so much for choosing to partner and promote Scrivener Unleashed V3. The Mac version of the course has been built from the ground up (just like the new version of the software) and offers tremendous value for money for your customers. Scrivener Unleashed V3 takes all that was awesome about the original Scrivener training, and add a whole lot more, covering all of the new features, especially the revamped Compiler. I have prepared several really valuable resources that you can give away for free as part of your promotion, each one useful and packed with information that will help your subscribers before they even click through (which they will!).

The Windows version of the training remains the same (and still current) until the new version is released, hopefully soon, when I will be doing a major upgrade there also.

If you have any questions shoot me an email to 'getintouch@indieauthor.com’ and I will be happy to help.

Resources Your Customers will be offered when they buy...

As passionate believers in equipping people with the best possible resources, Scrivener Unleashed V3 comes with an optional addition. Once someone chooses to purchase the Scrivener Unleashed V3 course, they will also be given the opportunity to bundle a fantastic package of professionally designed pre-made book covers to their cart (one click upsell). There is also opportunity right within the checkout cart to check a box and add a PDF training Guide I created called, “Lessons from the Self-Publishing Trenches”. 

As an affiliate you will receive 50% on the entire cart sale amount.


The most complete Scrivener training anywhere, with over 150 bite size videos. Built from the ground up this new course covers the latest and greatest features of the Mac version of Scrivener.


The most complete Scrivener training for Windows anywhere (most courses just add a few footnotes for Windows users, this actually uses the Windows version of the software exclusively), with over 125 bite size videos. The best Windows Scrivener training available.

On both sales pages there is the option to upgrade...

SCRIVENER UNLEASHED Mighty Writer’s Bundle (For Mac + Windows ) PLUS Scrivener Unleashed For iOS (48 videos covering the mobile Scrivener App) $79 

Both Mac and Widows training packages - combo students get access to both courses with over 272 videos covering both versions of the software. PLUS ***BRAND NEW*** Scrivener for iOS training course (48 videos teaching every aspect of the new mobile app).


A perfectly written book, perfectly formatted for digital and print, deserves a perfect cover. This package contains over 300 ready to edit professionally designed covers for both non-fiction and fiction. A massive discount is offered to anyone who chooses to add this to their bundle.


A 124 Page PDF training guide showing how I, as a self-published fiction author, went from zero to $66236.12 in just 10 months publishing on the Kindle platform.

Affiliate Resources 

I have some awesome resources available for your use, all of them free. Thrivecart allows multiple landing pages which all drop your cookie ready for a sale. I have set things up so cookies last a lifetime on a visitor’s browser, so any of the pages that you send your subscribers to will be peppered with your unique affiliate cookie. 

Resources I have prepared on affiliate ready landing pages include:

  1. A brand new Get Started with Scrivener 3 For Mac PDF (includes links to course and 30 minute Quick Start video).

  2. Get Started with Scrivener PDF, older version that covers Scrivener 2 For Mac and the Windows version of the software (includes links to the full courses plus a 30 minute video using Scrivener for Windows to import, format, compile and publish a book from start to finish).

  3. Scrivener for Windows demo video landing page - 30 minute video using Scrivener for Windows to import, format, compile and publish a book from start to finish.

  4. Get Started with Scrivener 3 For Mac video landing page - A 30 minute video walking visitors through the new version of Scrivener for Mac, showing highlights and also using the new compiler to create a Kindle book and a paperback ready PDF.

  5. ► Scrivener Shortcuts Cheatsheets - complete list of new Scrivener 3 shortcuts plus a most popular shortcuts cheatsheet for both Mac and Windows. Both link t the main landing page.

  • All of these are available for affiliates to send traffic to, and are direct watch or download (no opt-in) and every one will drop your affiliate cookie in the user’s browser ready for a sale


Once you are signed up as an affiliate through Thrivecart you will have the choice to use any one or all of the following pages to send your subscribers to:

Main Landing Page

This is the page that most links in the documents and free videos lead to, giving the user the choice to view the Mac training or Windows training sales pages.

Scrivener 3 For Mac 30 Minute Quick Start Video

Walks viewer through the software from basics to actually using the new compiler to create a Kindle ready file and a paperback ready PDF. Quick, and information and value packed. Promotes full course briefly at end of video and links through to the main landing page.

Scrivener For Windows Demo Video

30 minute video showing me import, format, compile, upload and publish an actual book to KDP in under 30 minutes. Quick, and information and value packed. Links through to the main landing page.

Free Get Started PDF Guides and Shortcuts Cheatsheet

Direct download (no-opt in) freebies that your subscribers will love. Includes booklets and cheatsheets for both Mac and Windows users. The Scrivener 3 For Mac Get Started Guide is brand new, never before released.

Scrivener Unleashed For Mac Course

Send people directly to the new Scrivener 3 for Mac course. This course was built from the ground using the new version of the software, and comes with lots of new material as well as replacing the older course videos with new versions. Over 150 bite-size videos.

Scrivener Unleashed for Windows 

Send people directly to the Scrivener for Windows course. This is the original Scrivener for Windows course, and covers the PC version of the software in depth with over 120+ bite-size videos.

Advert Banners and Images

I have a huge package of banner images that you can use on websites, adverts and emails...

Some of these are immediately embeddable from the Thrivecart affiliate dashboard (which allows a limited number of images to be uploaded for use), or you can download the complete package of various designs and sizes by clicking the link below...

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