1. She has the most beautiful eyes, especially when their beauty is framed with mascara. I could swim in them forever!

2. She was clearly spoken to by Jesus to homeschool our two oldest children, and despite whatever fears and challenges she faced along the way she successfully did so with both completeing their 9 GCSE equivalent homeschool ICCE certificates with flying colours. First, I admire her obedience, second her determination, third her discipline, and fourth, her victorious completion. All I can say is, “Wow! I’m beyond proud of you, honest.”

3. On the education front, she has also continued her own education, going back to school and receiving certificates in Dance Education, Gymnastic coaching and judging, as well as so many other uncertified skills and abilities.

4. She never gives up, and faces challenges with vigorous tenacity.

5. She has a smile that lights my world up.

6. She is stylish, and has an ability to look stunning beyond anything I feel worthy to stand alongside. I only wish I could carry off style and elegance with equal ease.

7. She birthed four children, one in hospital (just, almost in the back of my dad’s car), three in our homes. How can I ever thank her enough for the incredible privilege of sharing parenting our three boys and one girl.

8. She was absolutely 100% instrumental in raising our daughter to the number one elite junior Rhythmic Gymnast in the country, and all with a reliance on the leading of the Holy Spirit as her own guide in it all. What can I say, but echo the words that Father spoke to me about her, “she is indeed a raiser of champions”.

9. She carries and anointing in the dance that breaks the heavens open and allows the Spirit of God to invade the atmosphere in a way that sets the world alight with God’s glorious presence.

10. She has shared and celebrated my wins over the last 17 years.

11. She has been there to support my darkest days, despite my reluctance to open up and let my pain flood out.

12. She ironed my shirt in Israel before we were even courting, What a woman!

13. She makes the best shepherd’s pie I have ever tasted.

14. She has dedicated her life and time to sow into our children and the fruit of her love shows as they prosper in all that they are putting their hands to. Our children are confident, independent individuals, and much of that can be attributed to the honesty and sacrifice of their mum over the years.

15. She remembers my birthday (most years! 😉 )

16. She and I planted churches and raised churches together as a couple, and most certainly I could never have even begun such a challenging work without a gutsy, faithful and wise woman alongside (and often out in front!)

17. She has an ability to make a way where there seems no way. If she has a goal, she will find a way to make it happen. I find this amazing, and stand in admiration as I watch God open doors time after time in response to her tenacious faith.

18. She always takes care of herself and her body. She looks more beautiful today than the day we got married, and that is saying a lot beacuse she was the most beautiful lady on the planet even then.

19. She is spiritual, and for years I looked with awe and admiration at the closeness she shares with Daddy God. I can never forget in our early days how she would share the visions God gave her and inwardly my heart melted with longing for similar experiences myself.

20. She does the washing in our family home (and so much more), and with six people creating mountains of washing to do this is no small thing. Thank you so much for your service to our family, it does not go unnoticed.

21. She genuinely cares for the well being of our children’s inner health, and seeks to develop clear and correct boundaries to offer them security and protection. I’m not so good at this, and truly appreciate her strength of character in the area of disciplining and caring for our kids. Amazing!

22. She sets herself to learn whatever she needs to to succeed in the areas of life that she is called to accomplish in. Raising out kids is just one of them, but her inspirational lead is seen across the board.

23. She has demonstrated her commitment to God’s Word again and again, successfully completing Bible School, and sowing her time and finance into her spiritual growth and progress throughout all the years I have known her.

24. She has been obedient to God in giving in incredible ways. She even gave her entire fund of thousands that she had been saving for a wedding dress to friends who were in debt and struggling to meet mortgage payments. To some this may seem silly, but she was willing to walk down the aisle to take my hand in a second hand wedding dress, in order to obey her Father in heaven and generously help her friends. Such inner beauty is rare and magnificent, and her whole being shone on that day with a light that filled the whole church with God’s glory.

25. Despite the deepest and most challenging start to life, she has never backed off moving forward. Against all odds she has accomplished far beyond anything her family could have dreamed possible. Myself and our kids, as well as so many others, are here cheering her for climbing over the challenges and all that the devil has sown, and rubbed it in his stinking face by standing up every day and refusing to be defeated. Few know just how brave she has needed to be to be and do what she has, and all I can say is, “Well done, I am beyond proud of you, words are inadequate to express my admiration.”

26. She has disciplined her eating. No small feat in our crazy fast food world.

27. She has consistently exercised, something I have struggled with as long as I can remember. I hope she knows that she is my inspiration.

28. She has discipled more than one person to fruitful ministry, and coached people with such wisdom that they have overcome their fears, and stepped into their desiny as a result of her care and direction. This is something I hugely respect about her, because her interest in people was so real and she laid down her life to see them rise.

29. She has the ability to take people of different skill levels, pull them togther in a team, and make every single one of them feel special – forming them into one cohesive unit that displays real unity.

30. She has led teams on the streets of towns across Europe and the UK, boldly declaring the gospel of Jesus. A truly fearless female warrior. So inspiring if it were the done thing for a guy, I would be the one swooning!

31. Her beauty never ceases to sweep me off my feet. I look at her and find it hard to believe that such a stunning woman would ever have agreed to marry me.

32. She wrote one of the most anointed books about Christian dance and creatvity I have ever read. I am not much of a dancer, but wow, her revelation of the Tabernacle and how it relates to our present connection with Heaven totally touched me and made me weep. For someone who struggled with spelling at school, she has penned two amazing books about something she is so passionate and knowlegable about. Another example of her courage and creativity.

33. I love her style, and how she can change a sterile man-pad into a beautuful home environment. She has been putting her hand to our bedroom over the past week and wow, what a difference a female hand makes to the atmosphere of a room and a home.

34. She takes the eduation of our children seriously and makes it her mission to help them every step of the way. Our son Joshua is learning his letters beautifully because of her input, despite his resistance and a desire to watch Paw Patrol instead of working his letters.

35. She is willing to face the pain of disciplining for the greater good, rather than take the easy route. I love that!

36. Over the years she has sown the Word of God into our two oldest children so that it is planted deeply in their hearts. I will never forget how she helped my daughter in particular to pick up the Word and declare who she is in Christ.

37. She saw the potential for me to be a writer long before I saw it myself, and gave me a bookmark with a poem encouraging me to write that I still cherish today, almost 20 years later (and I am not sentimental at all, but this spoke so loudly to my destiny I have looked at it more times than I can number when I have doubted myself).

38. Her words of encouragment and affirmation to me mean more than I can ever express. It is one thing to hear words of life from other people, but nothing compares to hearing them from her beautiful lips.

39. She has put her hand to so many things over the years as we have lived and ministered together, never shying away from what has been needful to make things happen and move things forward.

40. She has shown the courage to address issues even though she knows they will be painful to face. This is no easy thing and many people go their whole lives without confronting the things that hold them from becoming all they can be. My wife has refused to live this lie, and made bold decisions to shine a light on areas that need to be addressed in both of our lives. I honestly cannot thank her enough for her refusal of the status quo, and her desire to step into a deeper more meaningful reality.

41. I love her strength of character, but so appreciate that she carries an indomitable strength with such graceful beauty and elegance.

42. I love her feminitity, she carries herself like the royal daughter that she truly is.

43. She has an ability to read people with keen prophetic insight, and to minister to deep areas of people’s soul without making them feel intimidated or judged.

44. She has supported me as her husband through times of poverty and times of abundance, and has done so with grace and respect, taking whatever jobs she needed to to help make ends meet. I am deeply thankful for her hardworking humble heart.

45. Despite being thrown from her home at 16 years old, she took life by the horns and made a way in the absence of anyone helping or cheering her on. I now cheer and celebrate her matchless bravery that refused to be cowered by life’s challenges, and to make ways where there was no way.

46. She refused to compromise her standards even when those around her were encouraging her to do so. Knowing her true worth, she refused to allow the voice of the enemy to convince her that she was worthless. As the scripture says, she is worth far more than gold or rubies.

47. I love the way she carries herself and celebrates her feminity without any impurity or compromise. What a woman!

48. The patience that she has shown preparing for events that our children have been part of is incredible. I will never forget the outfit she designed and created for Hannah in one Rhythmic Gymnastic competition, fixing literally hundreds of crystals to the outfit one by one. A show of love and dedication with each shining button, and the best outfit our daughter has ever worn (in my opinion).

49. Her long hair is glorious! Flowing down over her shoulders and across her back it so frames her beautiful face, making her high cheeks and warm smile even more delightful.

50. I admire the way she can hear a piece of music and actually see it! Over the years she has choreographed some of the most beautiful and anointed dance routines and solos I have ever witnessed. She has clothed brokeness with such beauty that it has brought more than a few to honest tears before a mighty Redeemer.

51. No one else on this planet has so captured my heart and fascination – of all the people I have met none has come close to her in my desire to truly know them and celebrate their unique gifts and purpose in the world.

52. She inspires me to stretch beyond anything I think myself capable of, and her example of setting goals and reaching them through prayer and discipline is responsible for many of my own goals being set and met. I have been inspired by you again and again!

53. She is above all a woman of her word. To her own hurt she will do what she says, and if she says something you can trust 100% that she will do it. Whereas many of us, myself included, can make good intentioned declarations, you know if my wife says something she will do it!

54. When she speaks in public she does so with such honesty that hearts open and lives are changed. My prayer is that the rich deposits that are stored in her heart will be fully expressed so many more hearts can be enriched and changed by her wisdom and story.

55. She makes a mean lasagne!

56. She has pioneered a way as a mother and wife, relying on God’s leading all the way. I so respect how she has allowed Jesus to draw a line in the generational sand, and stepped up to what is the most challenging of all endeavours. Motherhood suits you, my love, and you have more than lived up to this high calling.

57. Throughout her life she has never settled for less than she knows she is worth, and has couragously made decisions that recongnised who she is and how deeply our Father in Heaven values her. She has given up much to follow her heart, and I know that she will be richly rewarded beyond anything she has ever imagined possible.

58. I love to see the freedom her heart finds when she dances in worship – truly beautiful in every way.

59. I honor that she has spent more time privately worshipping than publicly. No one knows the time and passion she has placed before an audience of One across the years, but our Papa’s heart is filled with memories only He and she share. A daughter of the King, and a precious jewel in His Fatherly sight.

60. I admire her ability to keep a diary and organise the lives of our family. I can barely remember what day it is, and she has been my living calendar for as many years as we have been married. So, so thankful.

61. Her ability to continue and do all that is necessary despite how she feels is a real strength. It shows a strength of spirit in the face of adversity and her refusal to cave in has pulled us through many testing times. You have been a rock for me when the seas were raging.

62. She inspired and encouraged me to write my very first book. My books have reached thousands of readers, but she was there when no one else was even thinking I had anything worth sharing.

63. She has shown kindness to me, and spoken words of love and life to me, even when I myself was unable to muster even an ounce of self confidence. She looked beyond my failings and my fears and spoke to the spirit man on the inside. I have without question taken for granted so many of her qualities, and failed to see the depth and richness of her personality, but my determination is to daily celebrate the woman that Father gave me. You are beyond beautiful, matchless in my sight, without price and incomparably worthy. Pure. Daughter. of. God. All my heart belongs to you.

64. We have both been reading 1000 Gifts – A Dare To LIve Fully Right Where You Are – Larna, you alone are worth a thousand and many more to me. I love you with more passion today than ever before.

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  1. This is so sweet David, you both are too blessed to have each other. Keep the fire burning always and God bless you and your family. 🙂

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