Hey there, my name’s David. Welcome to my blog. This is where two passionate pursuits of my life collide – two loves that wake me up every day pulling on my heart – Jesus Christ, and Creativity!

I guess you could say that I am in love with creating, and with the Creator. Both bring deep satisfaction to me. I love to pray and I love to produce.

I was made to be a maker!

And I want to encourage others to take hold of their creative inheritance as sons and daughters of God, and let Papa’s boundless nature flow through their creativity.

I believe that Christians should be the most creative people on the planet!

The Church (and by that I mean the living breathing vibrant gathering of worldwide believers not some staid building) is called to head a new and revolutionary renaissance in arts, media, entertainment, literature. Name any creative realm and our Father has something He wants to say!

And He is looking for a tribe to say it through. A company of creatives radical enough to believe that heaven can breathe through their art.

For me it’s through words. For you it may be a brush or a flute, a deck or a didgeridoo –  whatever your weapon the message we bring is the same.

Our Father is love.
His Son is alive.
And the Spirit is here!


I share my best thoughts concerning faith, creativity, entrepreneurship and the magnificence of Papa, Son and Holy Ghost right here on this blog. You are welcome to subscribe.

If you are a Christian with a passion to create, let’s connect.

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