It’s been rolling around in my heart for a long time. Christian creativity.

I am a Christian creative.

In my book, the two go hand in hand. Creativity flows from the indwelling presence of the Creator.

Does that mean that non-Christians are excluded? In no way. We are all made in His image. But it is my utmost conviction that to tap the deepest resources of our Father’s limitless heart takes more than mere acquaintance. We want to plumb the depths of what’s possible and allow His creative unction to flow full force through our being.

The church, and by that I mean the living, breathing church made up of believers across the planet, not some staid spired building on a street corner somewhere, should be the creative hub of every community.

It is time for a creative revolution. A bold and unashamed reclamation of the arts, and a celebration of the One who is the Source of all creativity.

You, dear Christian, are a creative force in the universe. The raging rivers of creativity are pushing hard to burst their banks and fill your thinking with such novel breakthroughs that even you would think them preposterous.

As believers we should be expectant. Ready to reach beyond what we know. Willing to stretch beyond our skill set. With the very Spirit who swirled this earth into orbit living on the inside, the One whose very breath brought every life into existence breathing within your spirit, the King who filled the oceans with life and the skies with a festival of feathers sitting on the throne of your heart – HOW CAN YOU BE ANYTHING BUT CREATIVE?????

Let’s throw aside the limitations we so often place on ourselves and believe God for a fresh wave of creativity to be unleashed in His House and among His people. Let us be the first to volunteer in His assault of love and grace on the earth. Let fresh streams burst forth from your hearts and flood your thoughts with new ideas, fresh inventions, outlandish hopes and dreams.

I for one am tired of playing mediocre.

It is time to throw off false modesty and say with bold abandon. I’m a Christian. The Creator lives in me. And by His grace I’m going to be just like my Dad – a creator!

And when we act and do and sing and say. When we make, and sew, and bake and pray. When we think and write, print and paint. Play and publish, dream and desire. Let Heaven’s ideas burst forth and be heard.

We will look and say. It is good!

Really. Really. Really good.

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