I see

A creative factory for the arts
A boundary busting building
Built of people of the book

Poets, pastors, painters, actors
Poised with purpose,
Not living on the surface.
An Adullam for the artist
Training armies for the harvest.

I see

Talent mixed with team
Open up the world unseen
The artist unleashed
To serve freely with her gift
The longing to be understood
Swallowed in this holy shift

I see unveiled potential
The line of the scribe on history’s page
Redemptive theatre
Reclaiming the stage.

I see

The storyteller telling
The punk rock poet yelling
The cartoonists scribble
The comic writers giggle
The bangra beat of nations
Genuine relations

I see community creative
Rooted in God’s love
Tongue talking
Spirit filled
Born from above

I see

A hospital for the horrified
At what we have become
A place where imagination
Is primed and free to run

Creation meets salvation
In a synergistic mix
A place where word and spirit hungry
Can come and get a fix.

I see

Movers, groovers
Screenplay writers
Dancers, authors
A host of holy artful priests
Joining hearts and hands

I see preachers, teachers
Sent and soaked
Brimming with desire
And at the centre of it all
Jesus Christ and holy fire!

I see

Gifting clothed with glory not our own
I see harvest time for abundant seed that’s sown
I see and boldly say
Herald hallelujah the breaking of the day
Not by might or power
But by the holy Spirit shower

I see
sending teams across the land
Smashing castles built on sand
And in their place
A message sound
Rooted deep in love resound

I see

the king of kings
Creativity taking wings
Ripping souls from here to there
The holy and the bold declare,
And join this band
Sing and dance
And save the damned.

Let the Father’s heart be channelled
The real world
Not religious flannel.

I see

You and I before the gates
Pearly white, no fear, no hate
With every tear, trial and pain
Never to be felt again.

I see
Memories fade in the light of His face
I see Jesus,
full of truth and grace
I’ve fought my fight I’ve run my race.

So open up your eyes and see

Switch on your dreamer

And dream with me.

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