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The Idea Factory!

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Up in the sky far above earth,

you will find the Factory where all ideas are birthed.

With Supreme Team and Creator their King –

the ones who imagine every single thing.


The light bulb, the kettle, the kid’s toy, the clock.

People and poodles, and rivers and rocks;

True love and ice cream, and strawberry tarts,

all begin as a thought in Creator’s BIG HEART…

Every great thing that folks think, dream or say,

is packaged and sent to the Idea-Pod bay.

Shipped on a Thought Ship through space and through time,

’til they finally land in somebody’s mind.

But, oh, what a problem the Thought Ships are facing –

now on their way to earth they are racing.

A band of bad pirates with Billy their boss,

hijacking Thought Ships as to earth they are tossed.

Billy Zebub, a bad dude with attitude,

is careless and jealous and reckless and rude!

He’s catching the ships on their way to the earth,

grabbing each thought that Creator has birthed.

Feeding them fully, ream after ream,

into the



Peace becomes war and faith turns to fears,

black becomes white, and laughter to tears.

Onward to earth the mangled thoughts spew,

whatever can Creator and his Supreme Team do?

“I need some kids,” called Creator, “adults won’t do!

They’re far too sensible for what I’m calling to.”

This job needs audacious ideas –

young heart’s full of adventure, not fears.

So the message was sent pronto, post-haste,

to two kids on earth, two siblings called Chase –

Theodore Chase loved adventure and antics,

so much so his mom was quite frantic.

His sister, Jemima, was softer than he,

but brave and courageous as you will see.

So here we have it,
the kids who were chosen,
to make sure Zebub’s plans
end up frozen!

The signal from the Factory traveled like light,

and caught Theo staring through his window one night.

Sitting there wondering why the stars were so high,

one star grew larger ’til it filled the whole sky!


“Theo!” A voice boomed, it shook his pyjamas.

“We need YOU, more than monkeys need bananas!

Billy and the Thought Pirates are rampaging again,

Together we’ll send his plans down the drain!”

“JEMIMA!” Theodore called, (she was sleeping next door)

he burst in to her bedroom, and fell on the floor.

he boldly declared.

Bleary–eyed she woke, blinked her eyes and just stared.

Then, in a moment, light filled Jem’s room –


The kids were carried in a whirl from the world,

one awesome hero boy and an awesome hero girl.

By the moon, through the stars, past planets and nebula,

by now the kids knew this day wasn’t regular.

Theo and Jem did their utmost to steer,

as they flew like rockets through the atmosphere.

They arrived in a moment in an unusual scene.

Where could they be? And what does this mean?

Then All of sudden, all just went black…

The kids had been captured in a smelly old sack!

Dragged to a Thought Ship stolen by bad guys –

Oh dear me, what a nasty surprise!

Into the room walked Billy, their Cap,

barking out orders to open the sack.

“We’ve got you now,” he growled, “you troublesome pair.

No Creator to save you. Not here, not there!”


Then light in an instant burst into the room,

Two Supreme Team Rescuers grabbed the kids and…


Off they zipped, away from that place,

Toward the Idea Factory at quadruple-speed pace!

The IDEA FACTORY soon came into view,

a building made of music, every colour and hue.

Balconies of words with solid music blocks,

everything sang songs, even trees and rocks.

Go on inside said their guide, so the children stepped in.

Every molecule was alive, every atom seemed to sing.

 Creator sat there on his comfy throne,

Smiled and welcomed the Chase’s to his home,

His chosen, honoured, hero guests.

Perched on an armchair with wings no less.

“I sent my greatest dream,” he said,

“On my finest Thought Ship freighter.

But Billy grabbed and twisted it,

to the cruel thought, “Love no one, hater.”


“I need you to take a message
hidden in those letters.

When they’re put back together,
it’ll make all things better!”


The kids jumped on a ship disguised,

“Love No One Hater” scrawled on it’s sides.

Past ‘Mangler’ moon to earth far below,

Theo and Jemima boldly go!

Taking the letters,


the kids mixed them up as planned by Creator.

Jemima carefully moved them with her brother,

Spelling out Creator’s grand dream –

“L-O-V-E   O-N-E   A-N-O-T-H-E-R”


In every direction the IDEA travelled,

and Billy Zebub’s negative thoughts were unravelled.

The mass of good thoughts and great deeds exploded…

…the MIND MANGLER went BOOM… Overloaded!

Every good thought, invention and dream,

poured out like rivers from the broken machine.

They spilled on the earth filling everyone’s mind,

in an instant bursting forth, all at one time!


The Supreme Team whooped…

…now those pirates are pooped!

An almighty cheer rose, forever it lasted,

Bad Billy Zebub was totally blasted!


All of a sudden, the children were home in their room.

Theo and Jemima climbed into their beds,

The BIG day’s adventure danced in their heads.


Creator just smiled, looked down without fear,

as he reached in himself

for his next BIG idea…

The Idea Factory © David Lee Martin
Illustrations by the matchless and awesome Sarah Horne

Some extra spread sketches for your enjoyment…

*** Free Download ***

Download the PDF book version of The Idea Factory to share and enjoy!

The Idea Factory!

Click Here To Download Your Own Personal Copy of ‘The Ideas Factory’


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