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According to the sales page...

Advertising for Authors is the ONLY social media advertising course that is specifically crafted for WRITERS.

(that is not entirely true, but it is probably the most comprehensive)

It will TEACH YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW to set up a simple, cost effective Facebook advertising system that will put your writing career into overdrive.

(that's potentially true if you follow the steps, although results can vary depending on the genres you are writing in, and the targeting that is available in Facebook - some readers are easier to reach than others, and whereas some sub-genres have multiple targeting options, others are more challenging to find effective and economic targeting for.)

It will show you HOW TO ADD THOUSANDS OF NEW READERS to your mailing list and then HOW TO SELL YOUR BOOKS.

(This for me is the best part of the course, and the training on using Facebook to build your mailing list is golden. It is not really new in the sense that these principles are old school internet marketing: give something away for free in exchange for an email, get that free offer in front of as many eyes as you can, but it works!)

Mark Dawson's Advertising For Authors is a great investment if you are an author and self publisher who recognizes that advertising is a fundamental skill that we, as indie authors, must grasp. After all, what is a writer without a reader? And how can we reach readers without mastering the avenues that have been opened up to us to reach them.

In this review of Facebook Ads For Authors, now renamed Advertising For Authors, I show you around the member's area so you can see what's inside.

Essentially the course is an over the shoulder look into the systems and processes Mark, a multiple six figure author and marketer, uses to sell his bestselling series of thrillers.

Mark Dawson is a great guy, very genuine, and a pleasure to listen to. His training is comprehensive, to say the least, but at times can be a little long winded (just my opinion, I think some of the videos could have been split into shorter more bitesize chunks - some are almost an hour and half long).

The course will also include training on Youtube ads, Amazon ads and Twitter ads, specifically with an author/publisher focus.

Mark updates the course regularly, and works directly wth Facebook and Amazon to make sure all of the teaching he gives is up to speed with the latest and best practices.

The course opens on Wednesday 22nd March at UK:22.00, Eastern: 18.00, Pacific 15.00

Check out Mark Dawson's Advertising For Authors at

The course comes with a  30 day money back guarantee so you can take Advertising For Authors for a test drive without concern.

This is what you'll find in the premium course if you get onboard :

Step-by-step online training to suit every style of learning

Module 1

Why use Facebook? (Answer: because it works like gangbusters).

Module 2

  • Facebook General Principles
  • Deciphering the power editor
  • The structure of Facebook ads
  • Basics: creating a campaign
  • Basics: precise targeting
  • Ninja tips
  • Compliance

Module 3

  • Using Facebook Ads to Build Your Mailing Lists
  • Purpose and my results
  • How to create a high performing ad
  • Example ads: good and bad (extended)
  • Highly converting landing pages
  • Pain-free monitoring: keep your ads in line and on budget
  • Welcome to my mailing list: precise email automation sequence
  • How much are subscribers worth?
  • Mailing list hygiene
  • Understanding your readers with surveys
  • Facebook's shiny new toy: Lead Generation campaigns

Module 4

  • Using Facebook Ads to Drive Sales
  • Purpose and my results
  • Optimising Amazon as a landing page
  • Amazon Associates and affiliate links
  • Creating your ad
  • Data doesn’t have to be scary: monitor your ads for just five minutes each day
  • Troubleshooting
  • Examples: good and bad (extended)

Bonus Module #1

Twitter Ads – brand new content to leverage organic (in other words, free) growth on Facebook’s main competitor.

Bonus Module #2

YouTube Ads - how to take your Facebook video ad and get extra bang for your buck by using it on YouTube.

Bonus Module #3

Copywriting for ads – you’ll need to write catchy copy, and we’ll show you how.

Bonus Module #4

Amazon ads – want to know how to advertise on the biggest retailer in the world? I’ll show you how.

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