Too often we self edit the guts out of what we want to say. Flowering and smoothing our expressions is tantamount to castration. Especially if you have a message to share.

Make sure your prose is not infected with too much political correctness. Writing was not intended to be a safe business. Your work as an author is not intended to be comfortable.

I am no writing coach. Don’t want to be. I just want to write compelling words that stir something inside the hearts of my readers. I want my words to push by the gatekeepers and punch the guts of my audience. Prick their conscience and call to their deep.

I want my words to provoke, pronounce and pull passion from the depths. I want my writing to run free across the page. I want each paragraph to be dangerously imperfect. Surprising. Unpredictable. Each sentence to count.

There is something about unadulterated expression that sings with a vibrancy perfect prose can never attain. We police the power out of what we want to say. Too often we have the audience’s comfort in mind, rather than craving for their freedom.

Writing is a Dangerous Profession

If I want comfort I can eat ice cream in front of the box, get a job somewhere and live out my days in quiet but secure desperation.

Instead you chose the path of a creative writer. A content creator. A maverick with a vision to make waves.

Never in history has there been a better time to be a creative.

Never has there been a more urgent call to express the heart of our King to a world in freefall.

It is time to rise with no apology and make the will of Heaven known.

Whether its a song, a novel, a blog or a blistering dance track – the sounds of Heaven must break into the everyday. Eternity must meet today, and shake the complacency from its lazy eyes.

Your words, your art, has the potential to open eyes. To open hearts.

Truth rides on the word train. It slides to the heart on a pathway of prose and passionate poetry.

Don’t Clip Your Writing Wings

The world wants to dumb down any opposition. Culture wants to shape and hold you to its own expression of mediocrity.


“Do not be conformed to this world (this age), (fashioned after and adapted to its external, superficial customs), but be transformed (changed) by the (entire) renewal of your mind (by its new ideals and its new attitude), so that you may prove (for yourselves) what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God, even the thing which is good and acceptable and perfect (in His sight for you).” Romans 12:2 AMPLIFIED


But the world is not looking for more cookie cutter nonsense. Nor is it craving rebellious scrawling filled with despair. People long for hope and light in their darkness.

Words are lights that lead the way.

Don’t be pressured into thinking you must write in a certain way. Don’t get hung on proper sentence structure and fear not the grammar police.

Flood your pages with genuine heart, and people will respond.

As one writer said, bleed on the page.

But not blood alone. Let the perfume of discovery fragrance your chapters.

Allow the wonder of enthusiasm stir curiosity in your readers.

Make each word, each line, an adventure for the eye.

The writing process is not about perfectly formed pages. It is communicating the hidden man or woman of the heart. Connecting. Deep calling to deep.

A river of tumbling, tumultuous, terrifyingly beautiful life pouring from one heart to another.

And with that, I will leave you to disagree and argue your own writing points.

That is why I wrote this short piece.

Because your way of expressing yourself is as unique and unpredictably amazing as you are.

And that is precisely the way it should be!

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