Signing up for an Amazon KDP Account is easy and quick. It is your first step to making money as an Indie Author through the Kindle platform.

1. Go to and sign up for a KDP account.

You can use your exisiting account to create your account or choose to create a brand new account just for your publishing activity.

2. If this is your first time you will see a warning to complete your account set up.

If you want to get paid, it is important you take the proper steps to get things in place.

3. You Will Now Complete Your KDP Account Information

Company/Publisher Information

The Company/Publisher information pertains to your account only, it will not populate your books information – you can actually choose whatever Author and Publisher name you want for each individual book that you publish.

I have several pen names, as well as publishing under different publisher names. All of these can be under one KDP account; you do not need a separate account for each. This makes it very easy to publish into different markets and niches using different Author names and Publisher names for each one if you want to.

4. Next you need to Complete Your Tax Information

Next you will take a simple online interview to determine your bank and tax information. The US has a treaty with some companies that will ensure you do not pay more tax than is reuired on your book sales. Setting up your bank information will require your bank account IBAN and BIC code (both of these will be available on your bank statements. If you have any questions you can ask your bank and they will provide the information you need).

Once done, your book royalties will be deposited directly to your assigned bank account. Ka Ching!

That’s it. Your first step to Kindle riches. Pat yourself on the back and do a little dance.

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