It takes guts to decide to be and become who you really are. So many of us procrastinate at a core level – not even accepting our identity as writers and authors. But you are no pretender. If this passion to write burns in your belly, if words are life to your soul, if you have a message to share or a story to tell and you know the world needs to hear it – You are a writer!

The time comes when we finally make a decision.

Pivotal moments. He popped the question she says yes. She chooses to move away from all she is familiar with take that new job. Maybe you quit that job altogether!

For you and I [tweet_dis]one of those life-changing decisions is the day we finally confess – I am a writer.[/tweet_dis]

It comes to us all. Those times in life when we know if we don’t apply the knife and cut off the distractions that are holding us back we will never go forward to fulfil our dreams.

And that is where I’m at right now.

I’m a writer! A full-blooded unashamed independent author.

It takes a lot for me to say that. It has been a journey of decades and diversion before finally accepting the fact that this is my vocation. This writing thing is what courses through my veins and makes me feel alive.

Maybe it is the same for you? Maybe you too have accepted your revolutionary call to make a dent in the world with your words. I salute you!

As indie writers is so easy to read about writing, play with writing, discuss writing, post about writing on Facebook – but there has to come a day when we finally make the decision that we are going to sit down and actually write. Really write. With no plan B.

The Publishing Revolution

The revolution that has taken place in the past decade is nothing of incredible. And we’re still in the throes of it now. Sad thing is many would-be indie authors are still stuck in a traditional mindset, waiting to be discovered. And I’m not talking about been discovered by readers, I’m talking about being discovered by publishers.

Let me enlighten you, you do not have to wait to be chosen – if writing is your calling, choose yourself. Get some training under your belt and wade into the wilds of indie publishing. You will not regret it!

The truth is, traditional publishing is gasping for air. The new publishing paradigm is a grand liberation for writers like you and I.

Zero To Hero – or Something Like That

In the past year, through a mix of my own written work and publishing the work of other writers whom I have hired, I’ve seen my income multiply. My goal of $3000 a month very quickly doubled, and then tripled, and then broke through the five figure barrier. All within eight months of focused work and prayer.

[tweet_dis2]Truly, it is the best of times for indie writers.[/tweet_dis2]

The gatekeepers have been removed. The boundary lines have been scrubbed and there is nothing that prevents you from chasing hard after your dream and make great money at the same time. It does take focus, and wisdom to know how and where to publish for the best results, but thankfully it is not rocket science. You got this!

What is All About

Here at I will be doing my very best to pull together great teaching, training and information that will help you on your own indie publishing journey. Some people will want to tell you that it’s hard, and of course any great endeavour will take some sweat and a few tears, but with the right people, tools and training behind you it certainly does not need to be angst ridden. In fact, it will be fun!

You Are A Writer!

Make the decision today you are a writer.

That doesn’t mean you need to quit your job or do some crazy thing to prove it. What it does mean that when you look in the mirror you say without excuse, “I am a writer.”

And above all else, it means that every day, even if just for a few minutes, you sit down and write.

That’s it. It really does come down to that one simple truth, writers write.

Today’s the day. Now is a pivotal moment where you make the decision to pick up your pen, or punch a keyboard, or even spark up your dictation software and start to throw words on a page.

Those words may not be perfect (they won’t be), but they are the first step toward becoming who you are.

An indie author.

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