I love to create. The power of bringing new things into the world to share with others is a compelling addiction that I cannot get enough of. I believe it is wired into us as human beings to create, the multiply, to go forth and be fruitful. It is who we were created to be. Creators!

That creativity takes many forms. I am always amazed at the rich diversity of human creativity. The unbounded nature of mankind to bring ideas to life and realise imagination is simply stunning.

I watch the cook or the chef and wonder at their ability. They take their produce, the substance of their craft, and transform it into delicious meals to satisfy and sustain weary travellers.

I look at the seamstress and stand amazed at her ability to change a simple piece of textile into a glorious garment. Cloth and thread are the stock of her trade and talent.

For me, words are my core material. The clay that I work with.

I shape words to fit the hearts and minds of readers. I build worlds and open doors with word keys shaped and cut by experience. Words allow others to step inside my world and wander at will.

[tweet_dis2]Because we are far bigger on the inside than out.[/tweet_dis2]

The vast ocean of possibility does not reside outside of us (although many people vainly chase it there). It lives inside your heart.

That is where you will find what you have been looking for.

Take time to tap your heart for ideas planted long ago.

Jesus said, I am the vine, and my father is the gardener.

Your Father is the one who planted those ideas. They are ready to be realised.

Spend time in the garden of your inner man. Catch and harvest the endless ideas and bring them with you into a world that never tires of new expressions of life.

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