I have learned something over the past 15 years as I have pursued business and wealth generation through my writing and creativity. Less leads to more.

What do I mean by that?

What I am referring to is the power of focus.

Ever Learning But Never Doing

There is a telling statement in the Bible that so sums up what I am talking about. Obviously, the original context refers to the development of someone’s spiritual life, but the principle is epidemic in all spheres of life. I see it especially in the make money online world.

Paul, in 2 Timothy 3:7, speaks about those who are “every learning, but never come to a knowledge of the truth.”

Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” 2 Timothy. 3:7

In the context of making money online with your content, creativity and writing, this principle is personified in the man or woman who runs from one offer to the next, one trend to the next, consumes product after product, but never actually does anything with the information they accrue.

Over the years I have certainly been guilty of this. And, I suspect to one degree or another, so have you.

Stop Chasing and Start Thinking

My biggest breakthroughs came when I finally stopped chasing and began really considering carefully not just what I was doing, but why. Did it honestly align with the future I desired, and the values I hold?

I’m going to throw another Scripture at you if that’s ok. There’s so much wisdom to be had from the manual for life.

Again, Paul is speaking, and he says, “look well to your own personality”.

Look well to yourself [to your own personality]” 1Timothy. 4:16a AMPLIFIED

Wow. What a key!

Who Then Do

You need to find the pathway that fits who you are. That way, what you do will follow naturally.

For me it was writing and author-preneurship.

  • I have done my boot camp in SEO. I was first page of google for the search term ‘Jesus Christ’ back in the day. But SEO is not my playground though.
  • I have made thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions. But I know that affiliate marketing is not my primary bag.
  • I have had several bestselling information products. One made over $44000 in just 7 days. I love to teach and train others and teach, but honestly my passions are more private than that.
  • Video marketing? Yes?
  • Memberships sites? Check.

Been there, seen it, got the t-shirt (and a gazillion shiny training products I purchased along the way).

Why do I say this? So you know I have not just chanced upon the revelation I am about to share, I have done my hard yards learning the Internet Marketing ropes. I have tried and tested lots of pathways, and success does not necessarily lead to satisfaction. Ok, I admit, it is more satisfying than failure, lol, but I am addressing a deeper issue here.

Narrow Your Focus

Truth be told, you can make money in so many ways. But you will only truly make it when you narrow your focus.

Despite my relative success in these other things, one thread ran throughout them all. I was always writing and publishing.

Live by Design Not By Default

Finally, feeling burned out and directionless, I took the time to stop doing, quit creating, and consider myself. Deeply take a look at what and why I am doing what I am doing and begin to live by design, not by default.

I asked myself what I REALLY wanted to do. Not just what I want to do now; what do I want to be doing five years from now? Ten years from now?

Answer these questions honestly and you can then be intentional in the decisions you make today to chart your course in that direction.

For me it was to be a writer. To make a handsome living with my own books and written content.

Today I run a six figure Christian publishing company.

All because I narrowed my focus and set my sails unswervingly in that direction.

Everything I now do is designed to sculpt the future I envisaged when I stopped chasing my tail in ten different directions (with moderate results), and chose instead to focus on just one and make it my passion-driven focus.

I want the same for you.

Stop running after every opportunity. Choose something that perfectly aligns with your own personality and gifts, and stick at it until you crack it.

All of the energy and attention that was scattered thinly across the board, now concentrated in to one burning pinpoint purposeful pursuit.

In less, you will discover your more!

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  1. David
    Great article and some great points. So impressed in what you are doing and with your success and growing influence.

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