I am a Word man, and I am a words man. I believe that the Bible is the very fount of life, and that words are the most powerful force in the universe.

Words create worlds.

Prov. 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and they who indulge in it shall eat the fruit of it (for death or for life).

Can any more powerful forces than death and life be brought in play? These are the very forces that shape all that exists in the visible and invisible realms of life. And the Scriptures tell us that the lever that swings the funnel is our tongue. What spills into and out of your life is determined by the words you allow yourself to indulge in.

What is your indulgence? Complaining? Gossip? Debate and disagreement?

Or do you indulge yourself in words that bring life? Creative, life giving words that sow bright seeds into your future living.

Every day is a harvest.

We may may not see the fruit immediately. After all, what tree grows and fruits overnight? It takes time, often hidden growth, before the green shoots burst forth and boughs begin to form. Soon enough, too slow for most, especially me, we see fruit weigh the branches and eat from their sweetness, or their bitterness. The choice for tomorrow’s feast rests in the seeds we choose to sow today.

A skilled farmer does not sow seed accidentally.

He is intentional. He chooses the fruit or harvest he envisions, carefully chooses the seed he knows will lead to that very harvest, and with determined but expectant patience sows to an expected future.

We all know that guarantees are cheap. Storms may come, locusts may swarm, and any number of other unexpected rogue factors could challenge the coming harvest. True. That’s a taken. But there is only ONE thing that absolutely guarantees 100% an inevitable result. Not sowing at all.

What word seeds can you sow today for your business?

What seeds could you loose from your lips for your marriage or your ministry?

I’m not suggesting some hocus pocus positivity fest where we declare a bunch of untruths and foolish ego centric dreams. You can confess that you are a billionaire until you are blue in the face, but power doesn’t arise from the grandeur of your declarations.

The power is released when your words agree with truth. Papa’s purpose and your tongue speaking agreement becomes a supernatural hothouse for change and transformation.

Anointed, love filled words in agreement with Scripture. Words that call for God’s best and highest will to be accomplished in our lives and the lives of those we love.

Words of kindness.

Good words, full of grace.

Words designed by their Maker to bring forth a fruitful harvest of peace in our hearts and our homes.

Indulge yourself in a seed sowing project today.

Look for a way to bless someone with encouragement. Build up your spouse, bless your kids. Be generous with your praise and affirmation. Look for the good and call it out. Seek for something to celebrate and don’t hold back one ounce of your admiration.

Your words create your world. What will you sow today?

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